Companion Rescue Training


The vital skills covered in this one day course are a “must have” for all backcountry recreationists.  The CRS course is a great refresher for those who have previous training in either AST1 or AST2.  The vital skills covered in this course are a “must have” for all backcountry recreationists, whether you ski, board, sled, hike or climb.

This is a one day course that takes place in the field.


At the end of the Companion Rescue Skill Course, students should be able to:

Consider and incorporate preventative measures.

Prioritize actions if caught in an avalanche.DSCN3424

Understand the function of airbags.

Understand transceiver functions and practice transceiver skills.

Apply search and rescue techniques.

Practice searching without a transceiver.

Consider multiple burial situations.

Organize a group rescue.

Identify post-incident considerations.


Minimum group size is 4

Companion Rescue Skills Course: One full field day.
$150 + taxes

A non-refundable deposit applies to all pre-bookings

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