Avalanche Mentorship


Avalanche education should not stop when you have completed your AST1.  Practice and continued use of your avalanche knowledge and companion rescue skills are essential to a lifetime of safe travel in the backcountry.  If you have completed AST1 but are not feeling ready for AST2, a Mentorship day may be just what you need. Mentorship days are on mountain sessions with instruction and a continuous focus on terrain management and avalanche safety. Mentorship days are very customizable to you and your group’s needs, so please contact us to work out the best options for you.




No minimum group size.  Price set for four students.  Additional charges apply for larger groups.

Mentorship day: Includes one full field day.
$600 + taxes (additional fees apply for groups larger than four riders)
non-refundable deposit applies to all pre-bookings

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