Snow Report

Posted Dec 19, 2016

15135778_1194421897305308_9181504634874463029_nWinter has returned to the Valemount area and it could not have come soon enough.  The past two weeks of drought and insanely cold temperatures were beginning to get to us.  The alpine is getting a fresh reload this week and we are already seeing upwards of 50cms in the last 36hrs.

This new snow will certainly raise the avalanche hazard and restraint will be key for foreseeable future.  Relax your terrain and just enjoy the deep snow for a while.


Ride safe!




Check out our Youtube link throughout the season for current updates and riding videos from our time out in the field.

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20 Dec, 2016

Wether its avalanche training or guide services, the Frozen Pirate team has you covered.  Winter has returned to the Valemount area and the backcountry is calling.  The new storm system that is setting in is sitting on a sh$t sandwhich of nastiness and the backcountry will see a drastic rise in avalanche hazard over the next while.  Restraint will be key over the next while.  Know your terrain and ride safe!

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